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✨ Meet Melody, Your Beauty Guide: Melody is not just an artist; she's your trusted companion on your beauty journey. With years of experience and a passion for perfection, Melody has transformed countless clients into their most confident selves.

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Welcome to our studio, where Melody's beauty career, which began in 2008 in Chicago, blossoms further. Starting with a passion for nail services, she quickly expanded her skills to include lash extensions in 2010, showcasing her dedication to enhancing natural beauty. Melody, along with her husband, ran a successful nail business in Ohio, where their combined efforts laid the foundation for excellence in service and client satisfaction.

Drawn to Florida's beautiful weather and the opportunity for a more active outdoor lifestyle for their children, they moved five years ago. In Sarasota, Melody has continued to pursue her passion for beauty, making a significant mark with her nail salon. Choosing to balance her professional ambitions with her family life, Melody transitioned to working in a studio setting. This change allows her to dedicate more time to her children while still offering her specialized beauty services.

Melody is renowned for her comprehensive range of services, including nails, brow waxing, tinting, lash lifts & tints, and a wide array of lash extensions - from cluster lashes to individual lashes, hybrid lashes, volume lashes, wet lashes, and custom lashes tailored for every client who visits her studio. Her studio is a testament to her belief in the transformative power of beauty, where every service is a personalized journey towards self-enhancement.

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About Jason

With 22 years in the beauty industry, Jason is a seasoned expert in nail care, known for his precision and creativity. His journey, shared with his wife, Melody, includes running successful nail salons in Ohio and Sarasota, where they've built a reputation for excellence and innovation.

Recently, Jason decided to shift his focus to a studio environment, driven by the desire for more family time and the ability to provide a more personalized service. This new setting allows him to apply his vast knowledge and skills in a way that deeply connects with each client, offering customized nail care experiences that cater to individual preferences and styles.


Visit our studio to discover the unique touch Jason brings to every nail service, where his commitment to beauty and personal care creates unforgettable experiences.

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